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Brooklyn Gothic: A modern Gothic romantic thriller

An atmospheric romantic thriller in the vein of Jane Eyre, Rebecca, Gaslight, and countless Gothic romance paperbacks, often adorned with a woman in a nightgown fleeing from some perturbation inside of a creepy looking mansion on a hill. Brooklyn Gothic, however, takes place in present (though pre-pandemic) times.


Casey Matos, a 26-year-old idealistic reporter takes an unusual research job in a Brooklyn Gothic mansion helping a reclusive multimillionaire give away all of his money. Soon, she realizes her new boss—and lover—is keeping some very dark secrets.

For fans of Daphne du Maurier, the Bronte sisters, and Ruth Ware.







All Cintra Coutinho wants is to win her family back. After she tells her teenage son a despicable lie, her husband asks for a trial separation. She must go six months without a single fib. That’s harder than it sounds for a compulsive liar. 
Cintra moves in with an old college pal, and befriends the sociable couple next door, who have a young boy staying with them while his mother is “in Europe.” Then she spots a note on their door: “I’m being held” written in a childish scrawl, with a drawing of a boy with a gun to his head. Add in the combination lock on the couple’s door and the eerie sounds heard through their shared wall and Cintra suspects they’ve kidnapped the boy.
To unravel the truth of what’s happening in apartment 3D, Cintra must return to her lying ways. What she discovers proves the most dangerous people can be the ones living right next door.
Fans of The Couple Next Door won’t see this stunning twist coming.